Sunday Worship Service

We celebrate on Sundays as we gather for Word and Worship in an atmosphere of Warmth. We glorify God excitedly and in Spirit and truth and root for freedom, faith, and fulfilment for everyone with the light of the glorious gospel.

Small Group

TLTC Small Groups are opportunities for fellowship and nurture. The guidance and direction from church services are harnessed for engaging discussion to foster our corporate relationships and progression. Attention is given to praying together and for one another; study and practical application of God's word for daily living; godly and transparent fellowship; community penetration and harvesting of souls for Christ.

School of Ministry

We believe that the Christian life is a life of devotion and service to God and His kingdom. Our meetings on Wednesdays usually focuses on building a kingdom lifestyle of service and devotion to God's interest that everyone might serve the will of God in his generation.

3 Days Of Prayer

3D Prayer is so named as it happens on the first Monday to the following Wednesday (3 Days of Prayer) of every month (or around that) and because of its focus on the 3 Dimensions to life. Prayers are tailored around the prophetic direction of TLTC to edify faith, life, and mission of our church/people. We engage in these days of prayers with fasting.

Prayer & Counselling

We attempt as much as possible to pray with people and counsel them when requests are made. Appropriate times are schedule for these either after services or on the phone.
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Contact Us

How to get in touch with us

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